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Louise Jackson - Executive Director

With a decade of senior-level career experience dedicated to helping fellow Canadians embrace an active and healthy lifestyle, Louise Jackson’s entrepreneurial expertise has brought her acclaim as a business leader and advocate for causes.

She most recently launched the Anti-Violence Educational Services, for which she serves as Executive Director. Her organization’s mission is to educate youth and those who have the ability to influence youth (teachers, mentors, sports coaches, guidance counsellors, parents) about violence awareness. It also addresses such vital issues as conflict resolution, negotiation, anger management, compassion, stress management, de-escalation of violence, fear management (i.e.: those afraid to ask for help), empathy, self-esteem and the early signs of violence.

Through the organization’s tools, AV Youth is ultimately equipped with the proper techniques and life skills to become more productive—and safe—in their daily lives. Via such resources as educational materials, PSA's (Public Service Announcements) provided by Hollywood celebrities & actors, music artists, and athletes, Anti-Violence Educational Services will also utilize YouTube Videos, social media campaigns, and podcasts with public and private agencies.

David Dobson - President

Has been the executive director for over 25 years at Food For Life, a non-profit organization in the greater Philadelphia area. His work has concentrated on reintegrating prisoners back into society, providing housing and support for seniors, management, and operation of numerous homeless shelters, as well as providing low-income families housing. Dave’s role in AV Youth will be developing creative solutions as well as providing stability and organizational resources, and actively participating on the board. Dave looks forward to supporting other board members, providing legal and financial oversight for the corporation, and ensuring compliance in all regulatory matters. 

Matt Shaw - Director

Recipient of The Community Leader World Changer award. A graduate of Growvantage, where he completed extensive business training. Studied at the University of Toronto where his true sense of rebellion against conventional and mainstream learning surfaced. He is the Sole Owner of Eyekon Entertainment,  a full-service entertainment company.  Passionate about learning and helping youth by empowering them with the tools to create change themselves and becoming self-reliant in not waiting for someone to make changes for them. A true testament to the words "be the change you wish to see." Matt Shaw not only speaks of doing things for his community he walks his talk. He is a strong leader with incredible ambition, vicious integrity and a humble rebellious approach to life and social conventions. He holds profound dreams and hopes for a world where young people master their lives and live in greatness despite their circumstances and beginning





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